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Feb 2015

What is the difference between KRIs, KPIs, and KQIs in Risk-based Monitoring? Explained simply.

By |2018-03-27T14:29:11+00:00February 18, 2015|Blog|6 Comments

Risk-based Monitoring jargon doesn’t require rocket science. You don’t have to be a statistician to analyse and interpret KPIs, KRIs and KQIs. We explain their meaning and differences through simple examples, so you can optimise key performance of your clinical trials.

Feb 2015

Cyntegrity’s roadshow in New York (first week in March 2015)

By |2016-11-16T18:35:47+00:00February 13, 2015|Conferences, News|0 Comments

Cyntegrity brings the innovative risk based monitoring technology to New York. Besides the Silicon Valley in California, New York City has become a real hot spot for innovation from around the globe. Alone New York has 1.5 times larger GDP comparing to Saudi Arabia or [...]

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