Risk-based Monitoring Webinars

Risk-based Monitoring Webinars 2017-10-08T06:10:12+01:00
1. How does one come to the right derivation for a KRI?
2. QTLs vs KRIs, how do you define them, what's the difference?
3. How does one define the baseline values for threshholds?
4. Does one need different set of KRis for different phases of a clinical trial: startup
/ recruitment / follow up?
5. Does one need different sets of KRIs for different stakeholders: PM, CEO, GCP
auditor, Vendors
6. What is the right number of KRIs in a trial?
7. Tolerance level change when and why?
8. Stats methods on thresholds
9. What happens when a KRI expires?
10. Dealing with dynamic KRIs and missing KRIs: Study impact
11. What are Complex KRIs?
12. How can one complement CSM without CTMS in a clinical trial?
13. What are ADAMON and OPTIMON?
14. Industry landscape of RBM?
15. Application of AI in KRIs?
16. Use of the Six sigma approach in RBM can you explain more about it?
17. Examples of KPIs for RBM?
This webinar will take place on 30th May 2018 at 04:00 pm.

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