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Study Feasibility and Patient Recruitment Retention

OECT Summit 2021 targets professionals who are always seeking new opportunities and visionary ways of conducting performance. Study Feasibility, Site Management, and Patient recruitment retention offer major challenges to the clinical researcher, clinical project managers, clinical operation managers with the potential for significant impact on timelines, budgets, CRA talent rejuvenation, collaborations & partnerships, and ultimately the scientific integrity of the trial itself.

Many factors affect the recruitment of patients, and difficulty finding suitable patients drives the development of many innovative methods for accessing new patient groups. How ‘Big Data’ can have a significant impact in clinical trials. Artificial intelligence, remote trials/virtual trials, and digitalization mean that new technologies and changing strategies for communication can be used to have feasibility right at first & great effect to reach out to patients directly.

Join Artem in vToronto!

Our CEO, Artem Andrianov, Ph.D., will be speaking at this event:

RBQM, Back to the Future.”

There’s a ton of information locked up inside clinical trials. As they say, hindsight is 20-20, so why not make use of it? More and more sponsors recognize the impact a retrospective analysis has on their future studies. Can Past Actions Affect Future Outcomes? Join the Discussion!

Performing a retrospective analysis of a completed study helps screen for pain points that highlight risk factors and critical processes to build preliminary risk history, i.e., metric results and lessons learned. And be better prepared for future studies.

Request full agenda: https://clinicaltrialskpm.com/request-full-agenda/

In addition, Artem has been selected as a panelist on Day One/6 October – Session 6 Interactive Panel Discussion Clinical Innovation, DCTs, and Vendor Oversight at 12:45hrs – 13:15hrs Toronto Local Time (ET Time Zone).

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