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The increasing complexity and spiraling costs of running clinical trials have forced life science organizations to renew their focus on improving operational efficiencies, particularly as the industry moves to embrace personalized medicine, with its lower per-patient revenue model.

There’s no silver bullet, of course. But innovative machine learning techniques show great promise in helping life science companies identify and rectify systemic inefficiencies, allowing them to learn and adapt.

In the automotive industry this innovative approach has propelled Tesla to become the leading car company based on market capitalization, dwarfing other automobile giants in just over 15 years.

Can machine learning bring about the same transformation to the pharmaceutical industry?

ML-driven Predictive Analytics in Clinical trials

Artem Andrianov, PhD, our CEO, will be one of the key-note speakers at this FREE webcast. Artem will be speaking about the power of ML-driven predictive analytics in risk-based quality management. Read more…

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