@RACT Pro+

@RACT Pro+

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The @RACT-Pro+ premium module expands the @RACT-Pro feature set with an additional library containing over 250 KRIs (Key Risk Indicators), risk management plan templates and the new Cyntegrity OncoRACT library.


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The @RACT-Pro professional service allows clinical study teams to not just identify and categorize risks, but also assess and mitigate them within the software.

The built-in intelligence assists in risk identification and mitigation processes by prompting the user for potential risks and mitigation actions. New and modified entries are then added to the self-learning library. This automated feature will help study teams save time and effort when setting up the next study. In addition, @RACT-Pro offers flexible and customizable risk-assessment questionnaires and allows for multi-user collaboration.

@RACT-Pro+ Features at a Glance

  • TransCelerate RACTs
  • NEW: Cyntegrity Oncology RACT
  • Audit Trail
  • Export to Excel
  • Adaptable Questionnaires
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Knowledge-Library of Risks
  • Library of Mitigation Actions
  • KRI Library Access
  • RBM Plan Template

NEW: Cyntegrity Oncology RACT, “OncoRACT”, is specifically tailored to the needs of pharma companies and CROs that run clinical trials in Oncology. This therapy specific RACT enables Oncology study teams to generate Risk Management Plans faster and easier and be well-positioned for study audits.

@RACT-Pro+ is fully validated for clinical trials and 21 CFR part 11 compliant.

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