Interview: Oncology trials are different

Many risks in clinical trials are therapy specific. Because of that, the currently available tools addressing those risks, like the TransCelerate Risk Assessment and ...

@RACT - Risk Assessment Cloud for Clinical Trials

RACT [“attract”] – is designed by Cyntegrity specifically for CRO, Pharma, Biotech and Medtech enterprises transiting to risk-controlled strategies and processes ...

Risk-Based Monitoring: Be Efficient By Nature

Welcome dear viewer! This trailer reveals the true values of Cyntegrity ( ); Focus on what really matters, Be fast, Be simple, Be Efficient by ...

Risk-based Monitoring for Clinical Research Leaders

The new Risk-based Monitoring concept reforms the clinical monitoring and clinical trial management. Risk factors become an important component there.

Risk-Based Monitoring and Quality by Design in Clinical Trials

What to know more about RBM and QbD? Follow Cyntegrity on LinkedIn: Check our RBM software solutions: ...

CyntegrityEDU - ICH GCP E6 R2 Gap Analysis Webinar

Topics discussed during the webinar: - What gaps do you still have in your current quality assurance, monitoring, and oversight? - ICH E6 (R2) history, changes, ...

Cloud MCC RAMMT Demo (Cyntegrity)

Metrics Champion Consortium's (MCC) Risk Assessment and Mitigation Management Tool (RAMMT) improved by Cyntegrity ( with cloud ...

CyntegrityEDU: Quality Tolerance Limits with Andy Lawton

Welcome to our new Webinar, which is relevant for all clinical research experts in operations, QA, and clinical monitoring. It addresses an important topic of ...