Methods, Detection, Prevention and Examples

Whats your organization doing to protect against fraudulent activity? Have you taken the necessary measures to reduce monetary loss, keep brand reputation high while keeping organizational efficiencies on track?

Either intentionally or unintentionally, fraud and error happen in clinical research. Even today, data manipulation and tampering have been a continuing issue that bio-pharmaceutical companies and clinical research institutions alike are trying to combat.


Learn how intelligent, risk-based methods and technology can detect instances of data fraud as well as other data problems at an early, treatable time point, you stay out of prison.

We will highlight and illustrate with real-life examples how to detect and prevent fraud and sloppiness by adopting a risk-based approach.

Clinical fraud historical overview
What are the consequences for Bio-Pharma organizations?
Why does fraud happen, and how often?
How to detect fraud and sloppiness in clinical data?
How to combat fraud with mitigation actions?

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In last May we've released MyRBQM® Portal V6.0. Our new and unique portal opens the door to fully fledged Risk-based Quality Management, RBQM. It's another step in our master plan to fuel clinical research teams.

With this major update, MyRBQM Portal brings risk communication and study team collaboration into one place. By automating collaboration, you can capture and respond to issues quickly and adequately. With workflows and our new issue management system in MyRBQM Portal, you can now automate communication as well.

Here's what's new in MyRBQM Portal

Besides having access to all therapy focused RACT libraries and mitigation actions libraries you can now enjoy:
> Central Statistical Monitoring (CSM)
> Issue Management System (IMS)
> Team collaboration
> Automated clinical workflows
> Electronic audit trail
> Export to Excel
> And more

We look forward to welcoming you to MyRBQM Portal, your gateway to clinical success.

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