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Nov 2021

mindsON | Defining Critical Processes​ & Critical Data​

MyRBQM Academy by Cyntegrity|2021-11-24 18:00:00November 24, 2021|mindsON RBQM Workshop|

It's all about critical thinking. Applying critical thinking during trial risk assessment is pivotal to improving study conduct overall. To fully manage risk, risk-based organizations need to develop an approach that supports critical thinking. In this workshop, we will demonstrate how critical thinking helps to identify critical processes and critical data.

Dec 2021

Navigate Your Studies to Predictable Success with Predictive Analytics

MyRBQM Academy by Cyntegrity|2021-12-02 18:00:00December 02, 2021|MyRBQM Academy Alumni|

Do you agree that Predictive Analytics and centralized data management are the next-generation methodologies growing across most therapy areas in the coming years? In this webinar, Johann and Jo will illustrate the benefits of predictive analytics through real-life examples. They will demonstrate how to identify and report errors upon (early-)detection and that Predictive Analytics can correct undesirable trends promptly.

Jan 2022

mindsON | Back to the Future with Retrospective Analysis

MyRBQM Academy by Cyntegrity|2022-01-20 18:00:00January 20, 2022|mindsON RBQM Workshop|

There's a ton of information locked up inside clinical trials. As they say, hindsight is 20-20, so why not make use of it? More and more sponsors recognize the impact a retrospective analysis has on their future studies. Can a retrospective analysis of a completed study help screen for prospective pain points, highlight intrinsic risk factors and critical processes? And how can we set our study teams up for success with the resulting preliminary risk history, i.e., metric results and lessons learned?

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