Holistic Risk-based Quality Mangement

Our RBM.Cloud builds up a “nervous system” of pharmaceutical quality management.

It guarantees early risk identification by providing a centralized location where risk data are

saved, managed, monitored, and reported.



Risk Assessment and Categorization Tool


@RACT® – the first free cloud version of Risk Assessment and Categorization Tool, originally developed by TransCelerate Group and improved further by Cyntegrity in cooperation with PPH plus. Register today for free!

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What is RBM

Risk-based Monitoring

What is RBM

Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) is becoming an essential concept in pharmaceutical clinical research today.
Which has potential to reduce clinical costs and improve data quality, and time-to-market of a medicine.

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Detect, Manage, Mitigate


Detect, Manage, Mitigate
Together with the application EarlyBird® Cyntegrity conducts total risk management of a clinical trial. It analyses data driven KRIs, builds reports and Risk-based Monitoring dashboard.

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Dr Johann Proeve awarded 2018 MCC Champion

November 15, 2018|Comments Off on Dr Johann Proeve awarded 2018 MCC Champion

MCC Congratulates the 2018 Class of MCC Champions: "MCC bestows this special honor to those individuals who made significant contributions in 2018 in advancing the MCC mission to improve the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of clinical trials."

Cyntegrity’s RBM Platform “EarlyBird” offers a variety of useful components to support Risk Based Monitoring. I’m looking forward to the first Implementation in one of our next studies.
Steffen Koenig, President at DGGF e.V. (German Society for Good Research Practice), General Manager at IST GmbH
Cyntegrity’s @RACT is not just a cloud-based version of RACT. It is a comprehensive system that follows a solid risk management process. @RACT reinforces that process with in-depth analysis tools to support real-time decision making at both the study and enterprise levels.
Keith Morgenstern, Director Metrics Programs Metrics Champion Consortium
Great that Cyntegrity offers a tool that operationlizes the TransCelerate RACT tool; even better that this enables through a common platform the sharing of risk assessments what will be key to quality risk management as we should learn from IATA!
Beat E. Widler PhD ETH-Z, Managing Partner Widler & Schiemann Ltd.
I think you developed already a great tool, at least from the look and feel point of view. I have no idea how cumbersome the implementation is, how much programming is required etc. I can also imagine that coming to an agreement on what is a risk and the definition for it probably takes most of the time.
Dr. Johann Proeve, Global Development and Strategy Advisor in Global Data Sciences and Analytics at Bayer HealthCare