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Cyntegrity’s industry-proven expertise facilitates end-to-end risk-based quality management for your clinical trial data and patient safety.

RBQM Transformation starts here

Transform your clinical operations with Cyntegrity’s complete risk-based quality management portfolio to make your clinical studies more predictable and compliant.

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Perfectly suited for all trial formats, including Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) and Hybrid approaches, the MyRBQM Portal puts data quality, reliability, and patient safety first.

  • Study insights on the go
    through fast, high-volume data analytics
  • Get ahead of risk events
    with ML-driven predictive analytics

  • Efficient user interface
    through an automated GCP workflow


Embrace a quality-by-design (QbD) culture with education that helps study teams grasp and reap the benefits of risk-based trial management, ensuring full adoption and compliance.

  • Relevant and current courses
    that follow the latest guidelines

  • Interactive and engaging
    ensuring you get the most out of each class

  • Supported by industry-experts
    from clinical and regulatory backgrounds


To facilitate the successful roll-out of a cross-functional RBQM system, our portfolio of professional services extends to the associated processes and activities.

  • Study protocol evaluation
    for risk assessment and mitigation

  • Design of RBQM SOPs
    based on GAP analysis

  • Centralized Monitoring
    combined with statistical expertise


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Cyntegrity Customer Story: Merz Pharma

“By using Cyntegrity’s unique RBQM technology we were able to retrospectively analyze a real world clinical study and conduct a workshop to successfully generate new ideas for further improvements on a global scale.”

Cyntegrity Case Studie: GenesisCare

“We would recommend other CROs to consider Cyntegrity Germany GmbH for their clinical risk-based quality management needs. We have had a satisfactory experience with them for the expert services they have rendered to us.”

Cyntegrity Customer: ADAMAS Consulting

“Working with Cyntegrity was a fine example of a collaborative process. They have a strong understanding of regulatory and industry requirements. The team was open to discussion and was a pleasure to work with.”

Your Clinical Data is Safe with Us!

We have the SOC report to prove it.

We have the SOC report to prove data protection

“We are extremely encouraged that our SOC 2 report has shown we have the appropriate controls in place to mitigate risks related to data privacy and security,” said Artem Andrianov, Ph.D., CEO.

“Having a data protection strategy is key. A security incident could result in an irreparable costly breach, leading to the drug or device not being approved.”

We are honored to be recognized by Microsoft.

Read our story on the Microsoft website.

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