Our Values and Goals

Our Values and Goals2018-05-31T20:31:38+00:00

Cyntegrity (origin: clinical + integrity), an innovative German company inspired by efficiency, provides a specialized software tool for the risk-based monitoring (RBM).

Our mission is to help a pharmaceutical company to stay GCP compliant, improve patient safety, make a clinical study more predictable, and optimize monitoring resources. Prevent surprises.

We offer trial management tools that are more predictive than retrospective. They integrate the knowledge from previous trials with contextual, real-world data.

We strive to simplify safety and regulatory aspects of clinical trials as much as making them transparent and understandable for our customers, allowing to concentrate on medical and organizational aspects and thus run trials with greater confidence and performance.

We believe that only a standardized data care approach can guarantee a valid scientific evidence for approval.

We believe that people’s trust in approved medicine is the foundation for a new drug discovery.

We believe that any medicine that we use for ourselves or our relatives must be clinically proven in the most genuine scientific way.

We believe that by using a combination of medical knowledge and statistical methods, we can identify anomalies in clinical data and minimize potential risks.


Our vision – creation of a fully automatized, centralized, best in the class risk management cloud platform for improving patient safety, data integrity, and trial transparency.

Our vision is based on four main pillars:

  • control of risks, performance and data quality
  • application of the latest data mining technologies to gain new knowledge about the data
  • follow up on the identified risks until resolution
  • and development of a risk-based strategy for a focused use of resources available for a trial

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