Clinical Monitoring Cost

Achieving Cost Optimization in ClinOps with RBQM

SDV Efforts

Save time and resources, maintain data integrity

Visit Schedule

Optimize schedule, boost retention, and reduce costs

Protocol Amendments

Early protocol issue detection prevents costly delays

Save up to $2.8 million per study. Try our Clinical Monitoring Cost Savings Calculator

Are you ready to transform your clinical trials and save big on monitoring expenses? Our Clinical Monitoring Cost Savings Calculator is here to help! Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, our tool shows you how much you could save across all monitoring aspects. Discover how a risk-based approach can cut costs while keeping your trials high-quality and compliant.

Estimate Cost Savings Through a Risk-Based Strategy Approach

Our Clinical Monitoring Cost Savings Calculator uses your specific project data to estimate the potential cost savings that a risk-based strategy could offer in your clinical trials, as compared to a traditional non-risk-based approach. While meeting the latest ICH GCP guideline standards, this approach also allows for strategically allocating your resources to the areas that need them the most, reducing unnecessary visits and potentially significant cost savings. That’s the power of integrated risk-based quality management (RBQM), a cost-reducing strategy for clinical operations. 

Areas Of Cost Savings With An RBQM Strategy

  • Risk Management: Strategically identify and address risks to ensure smoother trials and reduce expenses.

  • Operational Efficiency: Optimize resource allocation and processes to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

  • Compliance Boost: Stay on top of industry regulations and guidelines, avoiding costly penalties and compliance issues.

  • Source Data Verification Savings: Cut down on extensive SDV efforts, saving valuable time and resources while maintaining data integrity.

  • Optimized Visit Schedule: Design a schedule that reduces unnecessary visits, enhances patient retention, and lowers trial costs.

  • Protocol Amendment Reduction: Catch potential protocol issues early, reducing the need for pricey protocol changes and associated delays.

Before you start calculating, gather:

  • Key Study Parameters:

  • Total sites
  • Enrollment period
  • Subject treatment duration
  • Traditional Approach:

  • Onsite visit frequency
  • Remote visit frequency
  • Cost per onsite visit
  • Cost per remote visit
  • Risk-Based Approach:

  • Sites categorized by risk level
  • Visit frequency variations
  • Remote visit estimates
  • Onsite and remote visit costs

By carefully inputting these parameters into our calculator, you’ll gain valuable insights into potential savings with both onsite and remote monitoring approaches. Plus, you’ll have a clearer understanding of how a risk-based approach can lead to significant cost reductions while maintaining quality and compliance.

Start optimizing your monitoring strategy today!

For a more comprehensive understanding of how you can implement a risk-based strategy for your clinical trials, or how the calculations were derived, request a demo for our MyRBQM Portal. We are here to guide you through adopting a risk-based strategy and towards potential significant cost efficiencies.

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