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There are a number of reasons, why it is beneficial to delegate the data-driven Risk-based Quality Management (RBQM) for clinical trial to Cyntegrity. The most important of all are expertise and independence. Why is independence so important? In order to solve “conflict of interests”, the data quality audit must be independent from any other activity as, e.g., the electronic data capture (EDC).

Additionally, data-driven risk-based monitoring is a process that has multidimensional complexity, where a scientific approach is needed – an approach, where many stakeholders are involved and controlled by one dedicated project manager with single responsibility.

We offer high service quality by leveraging the diverse experience from various environments and the learnings about the real variability of errors. We dedicate ourselves to providing a specific solution for each customer. Each solution is “tailor-made” and includes the specific culture of each of our clients.

reliable partner for efficient Risk-based Monitoring of clinical trials through data knowledge & risk management technologies
1st choice provider of Intelligent Cloud solution for trial management including various tools to predict, adapt and control the study risks, performance and clinical data quality.
We let the data talk for itself and remain the interpreter.
Although we use the latest science advancements in data mining, mathematics and statistics, to use our system, you do not need to be a statistician or a mathematician. All results are presented in a very user-friendly way. You just let the data speak for itself!

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