Independent Expertise Since 2013

Cyntegrity is an expert team of RBQM pioneers who want nothing more than satisfied clients and rewarding projects. Our collective focus on risk-based quality management has led us to prioritize regulatory compliance, where patient safety and data quality are central, over finding ways to reduce its cost.

Today over 180 clinical research companies use our intelligent MyRBQM® technology, tools and services every day to make timely safe and sound decisions. Read our customer stories.

The best way to mitigate conflicts of interest is to avoid them in the first place. Cyntegrity is a holistic RBQM solution provider — not a Sponsor, CRO or e.g. EDC provider — so we can be objective about data quality audits. Our independent specialists supported by our compliant technology and processes bring all risks and stakeholders in scope, from start to finish.

Here’s 4 reasons why Cyntegrity is a leading RBQM innovator:

  1. Pioneer platform in lean risk-based data analytics – MyRBQM® Portal.
  2. Indication focused RACT libraries – e.g. Oncology RACT.
  3. Online certification courses for clinical researchers – MyRBQM® Academy.
  4. Powerful KRI engine with over 290 validated key risk indicators – Cyntegrity KRI Wiki.

Cyntegrity’s mission is to offer high-quality analytics that are more predictive than retrospective, and can integrate legacy knowledge with current, real-world data to reduce human-risk and optimize clinical research operations.

To be your first choice provider of specialized cloud and SaaS solutions for ICH GCP E6(R2) compliant risk-based quality management and clinical research.

With extensive expertise across the clinical research industry – particularly Pharma, Biotech and Medtech – we help ensure a fit-for-purpose solution is achieved to deliver more impact. We are uniquely able to align our independent specialists with high risk impact businesses that not only seek regulatory compliance but want to see their clinical output do good in society. Meet our Management.

Why Cyntegrity - Your Partner in Risked Based Management

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