Advanced RBQM Solutions: Elevating the FSP Model in Clinical Trials

November 27, 2023|Comments Off on Advanced RBQM Solutions: Elevating the FSP Model in Clinical Trials

Our MyRBQM Functional Service Provision model redefines FSP models in clinical trials with its unique, independent RBQM solutions. It offers targeted risk management strategies, AI-augmented tools like the MyRBQM Portal, and specialized training through the MyRBQM Academy, setting new industry standards.


eyesON | Happymeter: Decoding Happiness

October 17, 2023|Comments Off on eyesON | Happymeter: Decoding Happiness

Happymeter: Decoding Happiness - we measured what makes us happy! Explore global joy and key happiness contributors using data insights.


eyesON | Economy & Health

September 19, 2023|Comments Off on eyesON | Economy & Health

Explore the intricate balance between economy and well-being. Discover how country's GDP and health expenditure influence core health outcomes.


eyesON | Phase II Vanguards

July 28, 2023|Comments Off on eyesON | Phase II Vanguards

Phase II Vanguards data visualization tool provides oversight of groundbreaking investigational new drugs and under-the-radar institutions developing them.


Enhancing Clinical Trial Risk Management: A Response to the Growing Concerns over Fraudulent Studies

July 19, 2023|0 Comments

In this blog, we explore the growing concerns about fraudulent RCTs highlighted in a recent Nature article. Discover how innovative risk management approaches can detect, prevent, and tackle these issues, facilitating more robust regulatory oversight.


Boosting Oncology Care with Decentralized Clinical Trials

June 4, 2023|0 Comments

Discover how Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) have the potential to reshape oncology care. Using our eyesON DCT Outlook, we reveal how patient demographics, broadband internet, and registered oncologists could drive DCT opportunities and potentially enhance cancer survivorship.