We Are Passionate About What We Do

Every culture, every nationality, every single person sees the world in a different way. Similarly, every culture, nationality, and person has different knowledge, perspectives, and points of view. When all of these different views are shared together, creative and innovative miracles can happen.

Today, Cyntegrity represents 14 nationalities living in 11 countries.

With extensive expertise across the clinical research industry – particularly Pharma, Biotech, and Medtech – we help ensure a fit-for-purpose solution is achieved to deliver more impact.

Our management team is uniquely able to align our independent specialists with high-risk impact businesses that not only seek regulatory compliance but want to see their clinical output do good in society.

Meet Our Team

Artem Andrianov, Ph.D., MBA

Managing Director and Founder

Linda Bunschoten

Chief Marketing Officer

Johann Proeve, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Fatemeh Sharifpanah, Ph.D.

Head of Quality Assurance

David J. Lacagnina

Chief Business Officer

Dipannita Mitra, Ph.D.

Head of Quality Management

Nora Arant Brennan

Head of Customer Success

Hendrik Stempel, Ph.D.

Head of Project Management Office

Evgeniya Andrianova

Head of People & Culture Management

Tamara Beck

Operations Manager, MyRBQM Academy

We want to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for our mentors and persons who support us and share our ideas and values!

Here’s to everyone who wants to achieve significant data quality improvement in clinical research!