RBM Templates and Flow Charts

RBM Templates and Flow Charts2018-06-03T14:16:44+00:00

RBM Flow Chart Implementation Phase 1Flow Chart: RBM Implementation (Phase 1)

This flow chart describes a process of the initial Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) implementation in a pharmaceutical company. It guides a reader through the first steps of decision taking. It involves such roles as senior management, RBM implementation team, process description team and an RBM application selection team.

RBM Flow Chart Implementation Phase 2Flow Chart: RBM Implementation (Phase 2)

This flow chart is the second step in a Risk-based Monitoring implementation when an RBM vendor needs to be selected.


RBM Flow Chart Implementation for CRAFlow Chart: RBM Implementation For (Central) CRA (Example)

This flow chart describes a more details steps in adaptive monitoring, centralized monitoring, and risk management steps. It applies the guidelines of ICH GCP and TransCelerate’s RBM.


Cyntegrity Risk Management Plan Tool 01Risk Management Plan Tool

The tool is the perfect template for a high-quality risk management plan. It helps you save time and effort by providing structure and guidance towards each aspect of your risk management plan.

03 Cyntegrity Adaptive Monitoring Process

Adaptive Monitoring Flowcharts (Editable)

Downloadable complete set of adaptive monitoring process flowcharts and descriptions (PDFs and editable MS Visio File).

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