Aug 2019

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

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“With Cyntegrity, we have a partner with excellent developers and experience in the field of validated risk analysis in clinical trials on our side, which makes our conceptual framework a digital reality," said Professor Yvonne Ziegler, Frankfurt UAS and project lead MYTIGATE.

Feb 2019

Synergy Research Group – SRG

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"Cyntegrity’s RBQM solution has proved accurate in the detection of subject recruitment, data quality and site performance issues. In addition, their expert services have provided forward thinking guidance on future projects," said Elena Yanchuk, MD PhD, Senior Risk Officer.

Aug 2018

Metrics Champion Consortium – MCC

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"Cyntegrity’s @RACT is not just a cloud-based version of RACT. It is a comprehensive system that follows a solid risk management process @RACT reinforces that process with in-depth analysis tools to support real-time decision making at both the study and enterprise levels," said Keith Morgenstern, Director Metrics Programs Metrics Champion Consortium.

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