About MyRBQM® Portal – Centralized Statistical Monitoring and Predictive Analytics

“For the past two years, we have been working hand in hand with Cyntegrity’s team of experts to
assist us with the centralized monitoring of a strategically important double blinded Phase III trial
in the area of cognitive disorders.

Cyntegrity’s solution was able to gauge data from various data sources (e.g. EDC, CTMS) for
33 key risk indicators representing different risk classes such as clinical data quality, lab data
quality, recruitment, patient safety, query timeliness and rates, etc.

Cyntegrity’s RBQM solution enabled us to prospectively identify issues, so that we could
effectively adapt, optimize and adjust our monitoring activities in a timely manner.

During an ongoing study and in close consultation with the Sponsor, we successfully managed
to execute the right corrective actions in response to enrollment roadblocks that were foreseen
by the RBQM Predictive Analytics output.  

The pre-configured, ad-hoc reports allowed us objective and frequent reporting to the Sponsor
about risk escalations and executed actions.

Cyntegrity’s RBQM solution has proved accurate in the detection of subject recruitment, data
quality and site performance issues. In addition, their expert services have provided forward
thinking guidance on future projects.

We at Synergy Research Group would like to recommend other CROs and Sponsor companies
to consider Cyntegrity Germany GmbH for their clinical risk-based quality management needs.
We have had a satisfactory experience with them for the expert services they have rendered to

 – Elena Yanchuk, MD PhD, Senior Risk Officer, Clinical Project Manager, Synergy Research Group