Mar 2020

Coronavirus | COVID-19 RACT Now Available

By |2020-09-23T11:14:53+00:00March 20, 2020|Neat Features, News, RBQM Product Updates|0 Comments

Cyntegrity developed a special COVID-19 RACT that guides those involved in clinical trials on specific risks which may arise as a result of COVID-19, and how they can mitigate them. This special RACT is part of the COVID-19 rapid deployment pack for ad-hoc centralized monitoring.

Feb 2020

Healthy Volunteers – Phase 1 RACT Now Available

By |2020-09-23T11:16:28+00:00February 11, 2020|Neat Features, News, RBQM Product Updates|0 Comments

The need for a controlled research environment adds another risk dimension to the Phase 1 study design. The new Healthy Volunteers - Phase 1 RACT serves as a helpful source to ensure maximum subject safety and a reliable outcome.

Nov 2018

Patient Profiles – Better Understand Your Patients

By |2020-09-30T13:30:42+00:00November 1, 2018|Blog, Neat Features, RBQM Product Updates|0 Comments

Pharma today embraces the concept of patient-centered research. Innovators view Patients as informed collaborators whose participation is core to the overall success of clinical research. The risk-based Patient Profiles tool is a key contributor to the modern concept of patient-centered thinking, as It enables early detection and real time control of patient safety issues.

May 2018

“OncoRACT” – The First Therapy Specific RACT for Clinical Trials

By |2020-09-23T10:54:27+00:00May 1, 2018|Neat Features, News, RBQM Product Updates|0 Comments

Many risks in clinical trials are therapy specific. Because of that, the currently available tools addressing those risks are now becoming therapy specific as well. The first therapy focused risk library Oncology RACT (OncoRACT) recently got available.

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