In the ever-evolving landscape of clinical trial risk management, effective communication between various systems is crucial for streamlined operations and regulatory compliance. The MyRBQM Portal, a leading risk-based quality management (RBQM) tool, introduces advanced API integration capabilities tailored to clinical operations and risk management teams, streamlining operations and enhancing communication across clinical data systems.

Clinical operations (ClinOps) teams often grapple with a multitude of disparate systems, including Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), Interactive Response Technology (IRT), and Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment and Patient Reported Outcomes (eCOA/ePRO) platforms. These systems require careful handling to avoid data entry errors, task duplication, or workflow inefficiencies.

One of the distinguishing features of the MyRBQM Portal is its ability to seamlessly and securely connect with virtually any of these clinical data platforms, while maintaining “lean” data management by pulling only the data endpoints required for risk calculations, leaving the raw data in place and intact, thus ensuring a “single source of truth” at all times.

Recognizing the communication gap and related issues, Cyntegrity has introduced API-driven integration capabilities to the MyRBQM Portal, designed to enhance workflow efficiencies and reduce duplication of tasks across multiple systems.

Image describing a connection, using API Integration, between the MyRBQM Portal and other clinical trial data systems.

Comprehensive Data Synchronization with API Integration

This integrated API approach seamlessly connects and records data from clinical data systems, promoting interoperability and reducing the burden of manual data entry and synchronization. By leveraging API endpoints, data can be pulled from and pushed to different platforms, enabling real-time synchronization and data exchange of core study parameters such as:

Supported Systems

While examples of supported systems include Veeva, Medidata, ERT and other popular platforms, it’s important to note that the technology behind the API integration is not system-specific. The MyRBQM Portal can seamlessly connect with any clinical data system, offering flexibility and scalability to adapt to evolving technological landscapes.

GIF image showing data movement, using API Integration, between the MyRBQM Portal and other clinical trial data systems.

The API-based integration features of the MyRBQM Portal revolutionize clinical trial management by fostering seamless communication and collaboration across diverse clinical data systems. By leveraging the power of API integration, clinical operations teams can optimize efficiency, mitigate risks, and drive innovation across systems in the pursuit of advancing healthcare and medical research.

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