About MyRBQM® Portal – Centralized Statistical Monitoring

“ARG has made a name for itself as an early adopter of emerging technologies since the start of the company, using cloud-based SaaS solutions as early as 2006. Our culture is built around learning new tools and capabilities, as well as developing and refining infrastructure to connect disparate platforms and solutions, including legacy systems. Sometimes we take building blocks and construct our own solutions; other times we find strategic partners who can provide products that align with our philosophies and objectives.

For this challenge, we knew that creating a centralized monitoring plan is not something that is easy to implement from scratch. We tried building our own tools and associated documentation. Then we realized that we need a partner to guide us through the process and help us implement RBQM best practices.

We evaluated Cyntegrity’s service through a free sandbox account and came away impressed by the polish of the system. Looking forward, we are confident that we will be able to execute centralized monitoring at ARG this year using this tool.”

 – Hunter Walker, Chief Technology Officer at Atlantic Research Group
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