Moving from Firefighting to Doing it Right the First Time

At Cyntegrity, we understand that implementing Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) can be challenging, especially when it comes to understanding its practicalities. This is why we developed our RBQM Essentials Belt training series – to help you get the benefits of RBQM and move from firefighting to doing it right the first time.

A Training Series for Everyone

Our White, Green, and Black Belt levels cater to everyone, from those who need a basic understanding of RBQM to practitioners who require full in-depth training. Each level includes a knowledge exam and certification of completion.

“We developed our RBQM Essentials Belt training series as part of our commitment to the industry to help adopt RBQM and get the benefits – moving from firefighting to doing it right the first time (as Process Improvement Guru W. Edwards Deming once said*).” – Keith Dorricott, MBB, MyRBQM Academy Instructor

More Practicality and Interactivity

Recently, we’ve renovated our training series to include more practical examples and interactivity. Our Black Belt level now comprises four modules covering KRI and QTL design, Central Monitoring, Facilitating RBQM, and Change Management.

Real-Life Exercise for Black Belt Mastery Certification

We’ve also added a practical exercise where participants apply all the risk assessment theory on a real-life protocol. This exercise is followed by a one-to-one mentoring session for Cyntegrity Black Belt Mastery Certification.

Positive Feedback

We’re proud to say that our first two candidates completed the Black Belt Mastery Certification and demonstrated an excellent understanding of RBQM principles and practicalities. They described the course as “excellent” and appreciated the opportunity to share their experiences, thoughts, and insights.

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Join Our Alumni 

When you join our Cyntegrity RBQM Essentials Belt training series, you become part of our alumni network. Our alumni come from a variety of backgrounds and industries and share a common goal: mastering RBQM and moving from firefighting to doing it right the first time.

Benefits of Being an Alumni 

As part of our alumni network, you’ll have access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Ongoing support and resources to help you implement RBQM successfully
  • Opportunities to connect with other RBQM practitioners and share your experiences
  • Access to exclusive events and training opportunities
  • The ability to demonstrate your commitment to RBQM and continuous improvement


Remember, doing it right the first time is your job, and mastering RBQM is the way to achieve it. Join us and become part of the Cyntegrity RBQM Essentials Belt alumni network.

*W. Edwards Deming: “You get a good rating for fighting a fire. The result is visible; can be quantified.  If you do it right the first time, you are invisible. You satisfied the requirements. That is your job. Mess it up, and correct it later, you become a hero.”

The first student  described the Black Belt Mastery Certification as “an excellent course” and said he liked the opportunity “to be interactive and to share experiences, thoughts, and insights.”

Upcoming Easter Campaign

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About the Author

This blog is written by our MyRBQM Academy instructor Keith Dorricott, MBB. Keith has been a qualified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt since 2007. He has a solid background in the practical use of process improvement, business process re-engineering, and metrics in clinical trials. Having a wealth of experience across processes in clinical trials and being a frequent speaker at conferences such as SCOPE and the MCC Summit, Keith helps make the complex understandable. In his spare time, he also facilitates and provides thought leadership for workgroups at the MCC, such as Centralized Monitoring, eCOA, and Vendor Oversight.