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@RACT®  (“attract” /əˈtrækt/) is the first free cloud version of the Risk Assessment and Categorization Tool

Originally offered by TransCelerate Group and developed further by Cyntegrity in cooperation with PPH plus within a Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) consortium.

The RACT is a risk-assessment questionnaire, which helps to study teams to evaluate various risk factors easy, e.g. the risk impact of compound interactions with other medications and the severity of subject population conditions.

The RACT can be used to facilitate risk assessment by helping to identify various risks and establish any associated mitigation plans. (…)
The purpose of the RACT is to facilitate risk assessment and risk mitigation.

  • Determine the risks that could affect subject safety, data quality or regulatory compliance
  • Identify how and by which function(s) the risks will be managed
  • Document risk mitigation in the individual functional plans which form the study’s overall Integrated Quality Risk Management Plan (IQRMP) (e.g. Data Review Plan, Statistical Analytical Plan, Safety Plan)

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How @RACT works?

  1. Register as an @RACT user (it is free)
  2. Create an @RACT questionnaire
  3. Fill up an @RACT questionnaire alone or in a team
  4. Export it as a report or edit during a clinical trial any time at the @RACT website

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Why start using @RACT?

  • Multi-user support & an audit trail
  • Maintain different RACT questionnaire versions
  • Multi-trial support
  • Export to PDF or Excel when ready
  • Central storage of all your RACT questionnaires
  • Innovative risk-level presentation by categories
  • Keep all your RACT questionnaires for all your clinical trials at one place, safe & audited
  • Always have your RACT questionnaires at hand, through one-address access
  • Create nice looking reports for your presentations & team meetings
  • Get additional explanations & help for choosing the right risk level
  • Remain protected by the validity check
  • Control risk scores continuously on each level of a trial
  • Go through the @RACT assessment easily in the wizard mode and save your results after each step


  • Unlimited users, effective collaboration
  • Connection to Cyntegrity’s RBM EarlyBird cloud platform (optional)
  • Definition of new questions, reports and questionnaires (optional)

How much @RACT costs?

@RACT is free

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