Clinical Trials with EarlyBird

The main purpose of the Early­Bird® Platform is to guarantee critical process and data identification, early risk detection, evaluation, control, communication, review, reporting and providing a centralized location where risk data are saved, managed and monitored.

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10+ years of research in data quality and statistical data mining allowed us to develop Cyntegrity’s EarlyBird® System. This is an advanced RBM Real-time Business Intelligence Analytics platform, which is dedicated to evaluating clinical data quality, performance and risks. Moreover, it offers a collaboration environment for efficient risk mitigation.

Cyntegrity’s RBM platform includes everything that one needs for a successful RBM process:

Risk Assess­ment
Sta­tis­ti­cal Data Mon­i­tor­ing
Sta­tis­ti­cal Data Mon­i­tor­ing
Risk Assess­ment
Risk Assess­ment
Risk Mit­i­ga­tion Process

What makes RBM Sys­tem Early­Bird® unique?

  • Technological innovation
  • An umbrella approach (all clinical recording systems are involved)
  • A willingness to share (network of partners and clients, active involvement of sites)
  • Driven by scientific innovation (e.g. in-depth validation of risk indicators for each trial)
  • Independence, therefore, absence of “conflict of interests”
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