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Aug 2016

Video from the Webinar “Risk Based Monitoring and The IRB: Convergence and Opportunities”

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The Webinar conducted by Andy Lawton (Global Head of Data Management at Boehringer Ingelheim) and Ellen Kelso (Executive Director at Chesapeake IRB)

Aug 2016

A new RBM Sandbox is Released (Ver. 4.0)

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Do you want to try RBM on practice? Still confused by many offers and companies? Do you want to decide yourself based on objective evidence? Apply and test our newest RBM demo environment. Explore the holistic RBM process and get a feeling how technology could [...]

Aug 2016

ICH Recommends RBM for Multi-Regional Clinical Trials

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On 6th May 2016, a draft guideline of the International Council on Harmonisation (ICH) “General Principles for Planning and Design of Multi-Regional Clinical Trials” was published, the aim being to make global multinational clinical trials safer and more trustworthy[1]. ICH advises applying a unified quality standard across all [...]

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