Centralized Monitoring

MyRBQM Functional Service Provision


Creation, monitoring, and analysis

Escalation & Reporting

Escalation and communication

Corrective Action & Analysis

Action, effectiveness, and root cause

Centralized Monitoring On Demand

Streamline flexible central monitoring needs by entrusting them to our team of clinical and operational experts, ensuring unbiased, top-tier oversight compatible with any system.

  • KRI & QTL creation, monitoring, and trend interpretation

  • Escalation analysis and reporting

  • Monitoring of ICA execution and effectiveness analysis

  • Root cause analysis and recommendations

Would you like to optimize in the area of:

  • Scarce Talent and Specific Demand

    • Specific centralized monitoring demands, coupled with the hardship of acquiring the right talent efficiently, present a significant hurdle in clinical research management.
  • Ongoing Trials and System Compatibility

    • Discovering a need for additional central monitoring resources mid-study can pose a significant hurdle. High switching costs to a new system can deter the exploration of alternative solutions.
  • Compliant Risk Management

    • Assuring your trial’s risk management is compliant with the latest regulations can be a significant challenge.

Centralized Monitoring Optimization Opportunities

Explore how we can support you:

  • On-Demand Centralized Monitoring Resources

    • Streamline your needs by entrusting them to our team of clinical and operational experts and ensure independent, unbiased assessment.
  • Join Mid-Study With Any System

    • Rest assured, we are capable of providing our services amidst an ongoing trial and can integrate with any system you are utilizing.
  • Hire Risk Experts

    • Risk Management is our area of expertise. From risk identification to setting KRI thresholds to time-stamped audit trails, we take care that your risk management follows all relevant regulations and best industry practices.

MyRBQM Your Functional Service Partner!

Get Control Over Your Clinical Trial Quality

Track key study metrics, monitor probability of risks surpassing threshold triggers, and discern the direction your current study management is taking you – all from a single source of truth.

Don’t Be Taken by Surprise – Predict and Prepare.

Take a proactive approach – manage your study timeline with risk control. Using AI and deep machine learning, we predict future hurdles and prepare a mitigation strategy.

Centralized Monitoring Onboarding Process

Step 1

Together, We Identify Your Needs

Step 2

You Provide Us With Study Access

Step 3

We Review Your Protocol(s)

Step 4

We Align On Reporting, Ticket & Action Management

Step 5

We Align On Risk Association, Prioritization & Thresholds

Get the Advice of Our FSP Experts

Unbiased expert outsourcing starts here.

Explore Our Other Functional Services

  • Study protocol risk assessment & mitigation

Holistic risk-based quality management starts with de-risking the protocol before your study goes live. Identification of potential issues that may arise is crucial to effective risk assessment before the study begins. We help you proactively drive quality by designing quality into the study protocol.   

  • RBQM SOPs & Gap Analysis

We help your organization implement a system to manage quality throughout all stages of the trial process. Besides providing you with the appropriate templates, we help identify gaps in the existing standard operating procedures and recommend changes based on industry best practices.

  • Quality of Clinical Data Report

Unbiased, customizable Quality of Clinical Data Report, meticulously crafted to complement the clinical due diligence process. By furnishing a reliable, unbiased, and comprehensive clinical data assessment, buyers can confidently make informed decisions in pharmaceutical M&A.