Study Protocol Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment

Impact, probability, and detectability assessment

Risk Mitigations

Protocol-based mitigation actions

Protocol Amendments

Protocol optimization suggestions

Optimizing Study Protocols

Enhance the practicality and efficiency of your study protocols. Bridge the gap between protocol development and real-life execution risks by leveraging AI-augmented risk assessment support that aligns directly with risk-based quality management processes as per the most recent ICH GCP guidelines.

  • AI-Augmented Risk Assessment Aligned with ICH GCP Guidelines

Would you like to optimize in the area of:

  • Protocol Risk Evaluation

    • Assessing risk probability and detectability can be a challenging endeavor.
  • Clinical Trial Process Compliance

    • Gaps in risk assessment often lead to non-compliance.

Protocol Optimization Opportunities

Explore how we can support you:

  • RBQM Risk Scoring & Prioritization

    • Utilize decades of risk-management experience in assessing risk impact, probability, and detectability.
  • RBQM Process Transformation

    • Allow us to align your study protocol with risk-based processes and create tailored mitigation actions.

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Get to Know the Struggles of Adhering to the Protocol

Navigating Optimization Together

Step 1

Protocol & CRF Assessment

Step 2

Review Protocol & CRF

Step 3

Draft Risk Assessment

Step 4

Stakeholder Discussion

Step 5

Final Report: Risk Assessment & Risk Score

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  • Centralized Monitoring

Centralized Monitoring within a risk-based framework can alleviate many of the considerable barriers compared to traditional site-based studies. Our team of experienced Central Monitors helps you oversee the conduct of your trial and timely address risks while the study is ongoing.

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