Sponsors are Being Asked to do a Risk-Assessment and Record this Internally

FDA, EMA, MHRA, etc., have started to distribute guidance on how sponsors should manage clinical trials during the Coronavirus crisis. All studies are affected. Ad-hoc risk assessment is required.

Cyntegrity has launched a risk catalog “COVID-19 RACT”, which contains ALL regulatory pieces of advice known until now, providing study teams with mitigation actions against the COVID-19 risk impact on ongoing studies. To keep the COVID-19 RACT current, the catalog is updated on a daily basis.

MyRBQM® RACT Library 

The COVID-19 RACT catalog, included by default into MyRBQM® Portal, is an urgent addition to the growing library of therapy specific RACTs.

  • Built on the TransCelerate methodology
  • Enhanced with complementary risk mitigation actions
  • Fully customizable & expandible
  • Comes standard with MyRBQM® Portal and COVID-19 rapid deployment pack

COMPLIMENTARY | RBQM® COVID-19 rapid deployment pack

We can help establish near real-time centralized monitoring, enable the use of “ad-hoc crisis management” Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), and mitigate patient safety and study quality risks. We’re ensuring our service is available to anyone ready to rise to COVID-19 challenge.

Get our practical guidance Site Visits at Risk? Your Plan B.and learn more about our MyRBQM® COVID-19 rapid deployment pack here.