New openFDA Drug Interaction Visualizer Aids Clinical Study Design

Cyntegrity recently launched a new tool called the openFDA Drug Interaction Visualizer. This free resource aims to help evaluate potential adverse drug reactions by demonstrating the possible effects of taking multiple FDA-regulated drugs together.

The Benefits of the Drug Interaction Visualizer

In a recent interview with Moe Alsumidaie, the CEO of Cyntegrity, Artem Andrianov, spoke about the inspiration behind the tool and its benefits to the industry and clinical researchers. According to Andrianov, the Drug Interaction Visualizer helps pharmaceutical experts make more informed decisions about the combination of drugs planned to be used in clinical trials. The tool also helps increase efficiency by quickly and easily identifying potential drug interactions and can assist in predicting specific adverse events for new medical products or drug classes.

The Functionality of the Tool

The tool comprises three main areas: a summary of FDA reports used for analysis, the drug interaction section, and the openFDA dashboard. The drug interaction section provides a detailed profile of interactions between two different FDA-approved medications, allowing users to explore interactions between more than 17,000 of the most prescribed FDA-regulated drugs.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Andrianov believes that the Drug Interaction Visualizer can improve patient outcomes by reducing the risk of adverse reactions to combined medications and invites everyone to explore the tool and give feedback on how it can be developed.

Featured in Applied Clinical Trials

In conclusion, the launch of the Drug Interaction Visualizer by Cyntegrity is an important development in the pharmaceutical industry, helping to reduce the risk of adverse reactions in clinical research and improve patient outcomes. Cyntegrity encourages everyone to read the full interview with CEO Artem Andrianov, discussing the tool further with Moe Alsumidaie.

  • To read the full interview, please visit Applied Clinical Trials online here…