About Jo Burmester, Senior Trainer at MyRBQM Academy

Jo Burmester is a Senior Trainer and content creator for Cyntegrity. Jo has worked in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries for over 30 years, starting as a Clinical Research Associate and later specialising in Clinical Research Training. She is an expert in GCP and Clinical Trial Conduct and her passion is making technical information interesting and relevant.
Jul 2021

How to Build Critical to Quality Trees for Clinical Research

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Building Critical to Quality Trees helps you to translate critical study needs and quality drivers into measurable outcomes and processes. Initially, this Lean Six Sigma approach serves as a business tool based on customer needs. Still, it is a helpful method of implementing Quality by Design in clinical research.

Jun 2021

Adverse Event Reporting as an Example of the Risk Assessment Process

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Do you find the prospect of Risk Analysis and Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) to be daunting? Then bear with us. We shall help you simplify and demystify the process by using an example to illustrate the key steps to consider.

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