Cyntegrity Holds a Data Science Lecture at Metropolitan School in Frankfurt

On the wings of the Butterfly Challenge, Cyntegrity’s CEO Artem Andrianov and Junior Data Scientist Ting-Yu Ho have held an interactive data science lecture for 10th graders of the Metropolitan School Frankfurt this November! Aside from their international spirit, Metropolitan School Frankfurt was a perfect place to host this lecture as they have won a 2022 European Coding Competition, and have ranked 3rd in the 2021 World Coding Competition!

The Lecture titled „How Data Science Changes the Future“ provided valuable data science insights to the students and offered their curious bright minds a glimpse of the AI and Machine Learning powered future! In the introduction, the students were presented with a path to knowledge;

Cyntegrity holds a Data Science Lecture at Metropolitan School in Frankfurt

how collecting and analyzing the data leads to information whose accumulation then leads to knowledge. To demonstrate the true value of such a process, the presenters discussed with students how this data-driven decision-making approach could help them to deal with unavoidable uncertainty when making a decision. As a data company operating in the field of clinical research, Cyntegrity presenters included a drug interaction case study showing the students how the materials presented can be applied in the real world. After an intense Q&A, the lecture was concluded with a brief „food for thought“ discussion – will data science be replaced by AI?

I am happy that we were able to make this presentation practical, with live coding and AI experiments. I could feel the burning curiosity from the eyes of these young people! Artem Andrianov, Ph.D., CEO at Cyntegrity

Support Ukraine – Students Receive 20 MacBook Laptops

Cyntegrity Holds a Data Science Lecture at Metropolitan School in FrankfurtExcept for computer science, this school also teaches its students humanitarian values by opening its door to a number of Ukrainian refugee students. This warm gesture resulted in a shortage of available computers in the school. Thus, to ensure that students can apply the knowledge shared in the lecture, Cyntegrity and MongoDB made sure that the students of this non-profit school get their hands on additional 20 MacBook laptops to practice their coding skills and defend their champion title in the coding competition next year!

“We aspire for our graduates to “speak” at least one programming language. The overview which Dr. Andrianov has provided is invaluable as it puts the development of data science and AI into context and gives it practical meaning. We are looking forward to more cooperation in this field!” Dr. Tatyana Bogushevitch, Head of Marketing & Projects at MSF

Advocating an environment of knowledge sharing, transparency, and easy access to information is something deeply embedded into Cyntegrity’s core values. By educating those who will once shape the future, we shape the future ourselves!

Upcoming Community Education

The donation to the school and presentation held is part of Cyntegrity’s initiative to support those affected by the war in Ukraine. Another presentation that will serve this cause is the live Webinar hosted by MyRBQM Academy titled “How Ukraine-based CRO adopts war as an opportunity to reach out to unique patient groups.” The guest speaker will be Dr. Yuriy Lebed, CEO of Pharmaxi LLC. If you are interested in joining this free webinar, please sign up here…