On Demand e-Tutorial Support for MyRBQM Portal Users

As intuitive as the MyRBQM Portal may be, every little bit of guidance helps to get our users up to speed and using the platform at its full potential. The Help section of the MyRBQM Portal now features over 30 “How to…” video tutorials that guide the platform operator through key operations within the Portal.

e-Tutorials MyRBQM PortalWe understand how a change in technology can be challenging and learning how to make the best use of a sophisticated risk-based quality management tool can be a long and grueling process. As a leading clinical RBQM solutions provider, we care deeply about educating and guiding our customers through their RBQM transition. That is why we have developed these  e-tutorials – to help our users accelerate  the learning curve and enable them to centralize their focus on effectively carrying out their daily tasks.

For our users, these e-tutorials can be found in the Help Section, and they are organized according to core use-case-based categories, providing full support to all the different types of user roles. Whether a casual user that just needs help navigating the Portal’s numerous dashboards for study oversight, or an experienced study manager that will be setting KRI thresholds, all the necessary information can be found, neatly organized, searchable and ready to explore on demand.

We Are Still Here For You

Of course, this does not mean that we leave our users to fend for themselves. Our growing customer success and training teams will continue to diligently address all of our clients’ needs and questions. These e-tutorials will simply help our users to become more independent and efficient by providing on-demand guidance when using the MyRBQM Portal.