With the eyesON Economy & Health, explore key socio-economic and health indicators across OECD countries, and discover the intricate balance between economy and well-being.

Economy and Health

Economy & Health is an interactive data visualization tool providing a deep dive into visual representations that compare a country’s GDP, health expenditure, and core health outcomes. Uncover how socio-economic factors directly influence life expectancy, mortality, and infant mortality rates on a global scale.

This interactive data visualization tool meticulously presents an in-depth exploration of key socio-economic and health indicators across OECD countries, spanning the years from 2010 to 2022 (except for the “Life Expectancy Race: A Journey from 1960-2022“ graph). The primary objective of this visualizer is to provide insights into the multifaceted relationship between a country’s economic standing, healthcare infrastructure, and the health outcomes of its population. It serves as a powerful resource for researchers, policy makers, and professionals keen on discerning patterns and drawing informed conclusions from the intricate interplay of these variables.

What are OECD countries?

OECD Countries, as highlighted within this application, refer to member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. These nations, with their developed economies and sophisticated healthcare systems, form an essential bedrock for a comparative study examining the intersection of economy and health.


The basis for the Economy & Health clinical data visualization tool is the data collected from OECD.stat database between 2010 and 2022, ensuring up-to-date clinical trial trends information.

Detailed information about the data used, methods of data extraction and scientific methods used in the analysis, you can find in the Data Definition tab of the app.

eyesON series

Economy & Health Clinical Trial Data Visualizer is just one of the visualizers in Cyntegrity’s eyesON series of interactive data visualizers. We envision this series as a way our company can give back to the clinical research community. By utilizing our data processing skills and clinical research expertise, we try to come up with useful data visualization tool that our industry peers can freely use to conveniently access the clinical industry insights.

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Our Commitment to Innovation and Personal Growth

We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that help our clients make the most of their data. One of our latest offerings is the Cyntegrity eyesON apps, which provide visual aids to help users efficiently and effectively understand the significance of data. The development of these apps brings cross-functional team members together, and it serves as an exercise to challenge our internal talents and drive personal growth.

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