With the eyesON Happymeter: Decoding Happiness, explore countries’ overall happiness, key drivers of happiness, and discover what makes us happy!

Happymeter: Decoding Happiness is an interactive data visualization tool that will take you into the heart of global joy. Dive deep into a world where feelings meet figures. With us, you’ll journey through the intricacies of contentment, viewing happiness as never before: through the crystal-clear lens of data. Find out who the happiest and unhappiest countries are. Dive into the key factors influencing a nation’s happiness score to see which elements matter most.

This tool provides an advanced platform that distills the multifaceted metrics of the World Happiness Report 2023 into comprehensible graphical representations. Users are presented with graphs ranking countries based on their happiness index, derived from a three-year average score spanning 2020-2022.

For a deeper dive, discover which nations lead in each of the six key happiness metrics, from GDP per capita to generosity. Toggle between the highest and lowest performers to gain a comprehensive understanding of global well-being patterns.

For an enhanced geographical perspective, the third graph provides a map view, allowing users to pinpoint countries excelling or lagging in each of the six key metrics on a global scale.

What is World Happiness Report?

The World Happiness Report 2023 offers a meticulous exploration into global well-being, emphasizing the nexus of happiness, trust, and social ties, especially during times of crisis. Chapter 2, penned by distinguished researchers including John F. Helliwell and Leonard Goff, provides a robust statistical appendix, underscoring the data-driven methodologies and findings central to the report. Published on March 13, 2023, it serves as an invaluable resource for scholars, policymakers, and enthusiasts keen on understanding the complexities of happiness across nations.


The basis for the Happymeter: Decoding Happiness data visualization tool is the data collected from Word Happiness Report 2023, ensuring up-to-date information.

Detailed information about the data used, methods of data extraction and scientific methods used in the analysis, you can find in the Data Definition tab of the app.

eyesON series

Happymeter: Decoding Happiness Data Visualizer is just one of the visualizers in Cyntegrity’s eyesON series of interactive data visualizers. We envision this series as a way our company can give back to the clinical research community. By utilizing our data processing skills and clinical research expertise, we try to come up with useful data visualization tool that our industry peers can freely use to conveniently access the clinical industry insights.

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