Shaping the Future: Responsible AI in Clinical Trials

Frankfurt, November 2, 2023 – As the clinical research landscape rapidly evolves with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyntegrity leads the way with a landmark virtual dialogue on “Responsible AI in Clinical Trials.” This event, slated for November 15-16, promises to be a nexus of pioneering thought driven by distinguished professionals at the AI forefront.

With a mission to catalyze genuine discussions devoid of commercial biases, the event aims for deeper, more meaningful insights. Linda Bunschoten, Cyntegrity’s CMO, emphasizes the intimacy of this forum, which contrasts with the often-commercialized nature of traditional events.

Artem Andrianov, Ph.D., CEO of Cyntegrity, shares a vision that marries technological advancement with ethical responsibility. “In the rush to harness AI’s potential, we must always remember the real people at the heart of clinical trials,” he remarks.

Prominent voices, including Danny Goh, author of “The AI Republic,” and Wole Moses from Microsoft, among others, will shed light on the fusion of academic and industry perspectives.

Committed to fostering a Responsible AI community, Cyntegrity buttresses this initiative with offerings like free workshops and the MyRBQM Academy.

Lastly, the call for a more encompassing regulatory involvement underscores the event’s holistic approach. Cyntegrity sees regulatory bodies like the FDA and EMA as instrumental in guiding the industry through the AI maze.

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