Sep 2019

3. Fachtagung Good Distribution Practice – GDP

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Get an update from Prof. Dr. Yvonne Ziegler on our collaborative pharma supply chain project 'Mytigate' in Bonn. The project involves the development of an innovative, web-based service that helps pharma supply chain companies with both the design of the transportation network and the monitoring of individual shipments.

Sep 2019

Clinical Trial Risk and Performance Management Summit

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Join us at the Clinical Trial Risk and Performance Management Summit to explore how you can decide what to measure; establishing your data requirements; aggregating reliable data; designing easy to understand metric reports; and using metrics to identify areas of concern and conduct root cause analysis.

May 2019

Centralized Monitoring: a Greater Advantage to a Broader Range of Trials

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Regulatory bodies are unanimous, today's clinical research needs Centralized Monitoring. We summarized Centralized Monitoring the infographic way, download your free copy here...

Apr 2019

RBQM Software Features: What’s a Risk Flower chart?

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Neat Features: wanting to dig a little deeper into the neat software features that make your risk-management life easy? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about Risk Flowers charts - a bunch of information.

Mar 2019

15. DVMD-Fachtagung in Düsseldorf

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Die Fachtagungen des DVMD sind jedes Mal ein informativer Querschnitt aus allen relevanten Themen rund um Dokumentation und Informationsmanagement in der Medizin. Jede Fachtagung greift dabei immer ein Schwerpunktthema auf. In 2019 wird es der Einfluss der Digitalisierung auf die Medizin sein.

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