25.04.2016. Cyntegrity, cloud solution provider for the efficient Risk-based Monitoring (RBM), is pleased to announce its partnership with Sollers Institute (New Jersey, US). Sollers is the leader in training related to the clinical research, drug safety, and pharmacovigilance, providing the premium education according to the highest industry standards. This cooperation fosters:

  • Integration of risk management and technology-supported RBM process in the Sollers’ educational program
  • Providing student overview of current risk management tools for clinical trials
  • Disseminate knowledge about most modern cloud-based technologies in RBM in general and Cyntegrity’s platform in particular

The landscape of clinical research industry is constantly changing. New regulations address the clinical trials to be more effective and performed in the favor of patients. Cyntegrity’s EarlyBird platform in a teaching program will arm the students with the required knowledge and skills for the future work. The students will get training in the best practices of risk-based monitoring and will get acquainted with the software solution, which helps monitor and control key risks, data quality and study performance.

“The partnership with Sollers Institute is an important step for Cyntegrity, as we are passionate about education of the future staff of pharmaceutical companies with the RBM process. For many, it is still very novel and we want to allow the students of Sollers Institute to obtain training according to latest standards in clinical operations empowered with intelligent cloud technology” said Artem Andrianov, Cyntegrity’s CEO.

Sollers (New Jersey, USA) is a leading, accredited educational institution, specializes in clinical research, drug safety, and pharmacovigilance training. Sollers’ programs are designed with a progressive approach to learning, ensuring that the knowledge imparted and course materials are both competency-based and meet the highest industry standards. Sollers is networking with the most accomplished and experienced industry experts in the world, and students are taught by working industry professionals dedicated providing all required the knowledge and practical skills. For more information, visit www.sollers.edu.

Cyntegrity (Germany) is a leading RBM company, which offers specialized cloud solutions for the efficient Risk-based Monitoring in clinical trials. Cyntegrity’s mission is to offer high-quality analytics that allows predictive or early risk event detection and trend recognition, which have the ability to integrate the knowledge from previous trials with contextual, real-world data to reduce patient-risk and to optimize preventive care.