The eyesON Drug Interaction Visualizer provides unique profiles of the most common adverse events and side effects of the market’s most frequently prescribed and used FDA-regulated drugs. You can quickly search, visualize and compare the adverse events observed when using a single drug versus combining two drugs.

The interactive drug interaction data visualizer will allow users to search for a specific drug or browse through a list of commonly prescribed medications. For each drug, the visualizer will display a list of potential DDIs, along with an indication of the potential risks or benefits of the interaction.

Unique Features

One of the unique features of the Visualizer is that it will allow users to see how different combinations of drugs can interact with each other. For example, a user might be able to see how taking a blood thinner with an antidepressant could potentially increase the risk of bleeding. This feature could enable users to make more informed decisions about their treatment plans and potentially minimize the risk of adverse drug events.

Moreover, Drug-Drug Interaction Visualizer contains OpenFDA Dashboard –  additional resource that uses data directly from FDA Open data source containing adverse event reports overview from 2001 – 2021, with distributions based on gender, seriousness of AE, etc.

Furthermore, due to DDI Visualizer’s user-friendly features, you can quickly create a multi-format report of your search or extract the data of the DDI to use for your own further research.


The basis for the DDI visualizations is the data collected by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) between 2015 and 2021, ensuring up-to-date adverse event profiles.

Detailed information about the data used, methods of data extraction and scientific methods used in the analysis, you can find in the Data Definition tab of the app.

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