KRI Wiki – the gold standard Key Risk Indicator resource you need for managing your clinical study risks.

Conveniently placed on the main toolbar in the upper right corner of MyRBQM Portal’s homepage, KRI Wiki is the only KRI (Key Risk Indicator) resource out there that provides a compliant by-design approach to clinical trial risk management.  

KRI Wiki

This year, our customers were able to reap the benefits of yet another innovation integrated into the world’s leading clinical trial risk management platform – MyRBQM Portal. Our leading team of data scientists combined their industry knowledge with their data expertise to bring you the KRI Wiki – the future standard of clinical study risk assessment.

Over 10 Risk Categories in 25 Clinical Therapeutic Areas

With more than 10 risk categories in 25 clinical therapeutic areas, managing clinical study risk becomes a straightforward and transparent process! Once you select the most appropriate KRI from the list of suggested KRIs, you will be able to access the:

  • KRI risk statement
  • suggested KRI metric(s)
  • the threshold values
  • and additional KRI information that you can easily implement into your clinical study risk profile.

Don’t waste time trying to estimate something our data experts have perfected through years of clinical data research – use KRI Wiki!

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