Webinar: Best Practices in Defining KRIs for Clinical Trials

Are your role connected with controlling quality, performance or risks of clinical trials?

We are delighted to invite you along to this exclusive live webinar and Q&A session.


– The ideal number of KRIs for a study – number of KRIs for each phase
– How do you sort them – TA /study/program level?
– Categorizing the KRI – Leading / Lagging / both?
– Should a KRI serve as a proof-point – Y/N? How do you decide?
– Documenting when a KRI has been retired – the criticality of the same
– Defining the thresholds – based on what?
– Why, when and how should the KRIs fire?
– Too many KRIs firing – oh no!
– Co-KRIs?
– Are KRIs dynamic?
– Defining the frequency of measurement – the implications of getting it wrong
– Defining the algorithms
– Getting the interpretation right
– Getting the RCA and the action items right
– KRIs / QTLs – what is the difference?
– The consequences of getting the KRI story wrong!
– Learn about a new scientific project – KRI Wiki

And much more…


Dr Nimita Limaye, Project Lead KRI Wiki
Artem Andrianov Ph.D., CEO Cyntegrity

Date: 23-02-2018
Time: 4 pm – 5 pm (CET)

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– the Cyntegrity team

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