Andy Lawton WBAndy Lawton, a top expert with 35+ years of experience in clinical trials in the areas of biometrics, data management programming, system development, computer system validation and risk-based approach, joins Cyntegrity as RBM Advisory Board Member. 

As the global lead of Clinical Data Management at Boehringer Ingelheim, Andy also became a leader in the Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) group of TransCelerate.

Andy empowers the group of RBM experts and provides a tailor-made RBM implementation strategies for the most challenging and big-scaled projects at Cyntegrity for big-pharma. Andy is capable of dealing with any challenge by rolling out an RBM project. His strategic acumen, based on a long-term administration of the Biometrics and Data Management Division at Boehringer Ingelheim, works in customer’s favor so that the adoption of the RBM Technology happens fast and easy.

“We believe that for an efficient implementation of risk mitigation strategy within a pharmaceutical organization, a large experience is essential. It allows to avoid additional risks. For instnace, by SDV reduction, by selection Risk Indicators (RIs), by configuration of RIs’ thresholds.

Andy brings to Cyntegrity’s team his deep know-how in computing, statistics, data management, and clinical trials. His involvement substracts any risks from any RBM projects.”, said A. Andrianov (Cyntegirty’s CEO)

Besides, Andy continues his research work, which he started at TransCelerate, in the context of Quality Tolerance Limits, metrics’ efficiencies, and their risk-forecast power.

Cyntegrity is a leading European RBM company, which offers specialized cloud solutions for the efficient Risk-based Monitoring in clinical trials. Cyntegrity’s mission is to allow everybody to benefit from risk management and offer high-quality analytics that are more predictive than retrospective, which have the ability to integrate the knowledge from previous trials with contextual, real-world data to reduce patient-risk and to optimize preventive care. For more information, visit