How to become a santa

Christmas time is a time of miracles and the largest miracle is to open your heart to help. Who needs your help the most? Those who cannot live without it even a day.

25-th of April 2015, Nepal. In the morning, when all parents were at work and children were at school, a terrible earthquake hit the country (7.8 MMS). 9 thousand people were killed, 28 thousand were injured, hundreds of thousands lost their homes. One school for orphan children (Children Education Helping Fund) was hit very badly.


Lila Chefund Founder
The founder of the school, her name is Lila, is kind and engaged woman, taking care of orphan children or children repudiated by their parents (which occurs very often in Nepal) while poor farmers can`t feed the children by themselves.
Lila usually is earning some money while organizing trekking tours for tourists and she used this money for the hired building and child care.
You can imagine how much the earthquake changed. Tourists now avoid going to Nepal, the building of the school is badly damaged and they are anxious to use it.


Chefund kid2Chefund kid2The same with another building where they planned to move to have more space. At the beginning they slept under the sky and at the moment the children are distributed to the relations of Lila and other helpful families.



Chefund kidsChefund kids2To support this school and keep it alive, also small amounts of money help a lot. Cyntegrity transferred 300 Euro for this fund. And we want to encourage you to help Lila and her kids, because everybody has a right for education and a family!


Any donations can be transferred to the following bank account:

Child Helping Education Fund
Himalayan Bank Limited. Patan Branch
Account : 006 03076290012
PO BOX 20551 Pulchowk Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel:5010584, 5010593