MCC partners with Cyntegrity01.04.2016. Cyntegrity, cloud solution service provider for the efficient Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) of a clinical trial, is pleased to announce its partnership with Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC). MCC is the thought leader in providing metrics for the clinical trials industry offering qualitative and quantitative metrics, analysis, and industry insights to conduct clinical research operations. This cooperation fosters:

  • exchange of knowledge and expertise in standardization of clinical risk management
  • collaboration in the discussion and development of standardized metrics and indicators
  • global movement towards standardization of risk and performance metrics

“We look forward to Cyntegrity’s participation in the MCC Risk Management and Risk-based Monitoring working group discussions. MCC sponsor and CRO members are looking for software solutions to help them monitor key risk indicators collected by a myriad of systems”, said Linda Sullivan, co-founder and president of MCC. “We welcome the opportunity to bring the community together to share insights so emerging technology such as Cyntegrity’s EarlyBird system will align with consortium members’ needs.”

“It’s a next step in empowering of well-established standards with intelligent cloud technology for the favor of patients and clinical operations” said Artem Andrianov, Cyntegrity’s CEO.

MCC — founded in 2006, MCC is the leading industry association dedicated to the development of standardized performance metrics to improve clinical trials. MCC provides the collaborative environment for bio-pharmaceutical and device sponsors, service providers and sites to improve clinical-trial development through use of MCC standardized performance metrics. For more information, visit

Cyntegrity is a leading European RBM company, which offers specialized cloud solutions for the efficient Risk-based Monitoring in clinical trials. Cyntegrity’s mission is to offer high-quality analytics that are more predictive than retrospective, which have the ability to integrate the knowledge from previous trials with contextual, real-world data to reduce patient-risk and to optimize preventive care. For more information, visit