MyRBQM® Portal – Professional User Subscription

MyRBQM® Portal – Professional User Subscription

Welcome to MyRBQM Portal, your gateway to clinical success! Did you know that:

… can expand MyRBQM Portal with the KRI Wiki engine containing over 250 validated KRIs (Key Risk Indicators), electronic risk management plan templates, and helpful Centralized Monitoring flowcharts? Just contact us for a free quote.

Now includedRBQM Essentials for White Belts, an online course dedicated to the fundamental RBQM knowledge you and your team must have before developing your RBQM strategy. Find out more…



MyRBQM Portal allows clinical study teams to identify and categorize risks and assess and mitigate them within the same user-friendly coworking space.

MyRBQM’s built-in intelligence assists in risk identification and mitigation processes by prompting the portal users for potential risks and mitigation actions. New and modified entries are then added to the self-learning library. This automated feature will help study teams save time and effort when setting up the following study. In addition, MyRBQM Portal offers flexible and customizable risk-assessment questionnaires and supports multi-device usage.

Today over 180 clinical research companies use Cyntegrity’s intelligent MyRBQM® technology and services every day to timely detect, combat and prevent risk: “I used Cyntegrity with my clients and with my students. It’s a great risk assessment tool!” – Moe Alsumidaie, Head of Research at CliniBiz. Read our customer stories.

MyRBQM® Portal – Features at a Glance

  • Customizable TransCelerate RACTs
  • Indication-focused RACTs; Oncology, Heart Failure, Diabetes, Pulmonology, Medical Devices, etc.
  • Paperless audit trail
  • Export to Excel
  • Customizable risk questionnaires
  • Multi-user communication and collaboration
  • Knowledge-library of risks
  • Mitigation actions management
  • [NEW] Centralized Statistical Monitoring (CSM)
  • [NEW] Automated Issue Management System

NEW: Healthy Volunteers – Phase 1 RACT is specifically tailored to the needs of bio-pharma companies and CROs that run Phase 1 studies. This indication-focused RACT catalog enables Phase 1 study teams to generate risk management plans faster and easier and be well-positioned for study audits.

MyRBQM Portal is fully validated for clinical trials and 21 CFR part 11 compliant.

Free License for Academic Users

Cyntegrity supports teaching within academic institutions. We offer non-time restricted free user licenses of MyRBQM Portal for use in class and for non-commercial academic research. Submit your academic request to:


Cyntegrity has created a practical guidance and COVID-19 RACT catalog providing study teams with mitigation actions against the COVID-19 risk impact on ongoing studies.

We’ve mobilized rapidly to effectively set up a centralized monitoring environment for you at cost. We’re ensuring our service is available to anyone ready to rise to this challenge. We’re contributing as many additional resources as possible at no charge to study teams involved.

Download our Site Visits at Risk? Your Plan B. guidance and learn more about our MyRBQM® COVID-19 rapid deployment pack here.

FAQs about MyRBQM® Portal

This page provides clear responses to the questions that are most often asked by our clients and project partners when discussing our MyRBQM® Portal: click this link.

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