How is RBM Adopted? Current Status.

The majority of companies are delaying the RBM adoption. Why? The reason lies now in the nature of innovation adoption.

The main hesitations of the pragmatists to apply RBM nowadays are connected with:

  1. the general complexity of the approach
  2. the perceived risk of audit findings
  3. the discomfort with required process change

A recent survey during a webinar of an RBM technology provider showed the current RBM adoption status:

RBM Usage Status

Almost half of the companies (28% + 21% = 49%) are still evaluating the approaches and waiting for simplification (read “standardization”) of the procedure and more guidance from regulatory authorities. In other words: this innovation is currently situated in the “adoption chasm”:

RBM and the Chasm

Nonetheless, why is it important to start already now?

Summing up, those companies, which start today, capture the deepest experience and can later offer their expertise on the market for the majority of conservative parties and skeptics.

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About the Author:

Professional in the integration of data-driven Risk-based Monitoring (RbM) process in international clinical trials of pharmacology. Speaker at regional and global conferences such as: DIA, PharmaForum, PharmaDay, DGGF, etc. 10+ years of experience in data quality projects and biostatistics for the pharmaceutical industry. Life passion: improving clinical research with RbM, driving the RbM research to new frontiers for CROs, pharma and biotech companies.

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