The free @RACT platform, which is used already by many companies, e.g., the first 50 users from big-pharma and CRO (e.g. Daiichi Sankyo, Merz, PPD, MedPace, INC Research etc.), was today updated with the new version 2.0.

Besides hundreds of smaller improvements, there are 6 new big-features, which were developed based on feedback of our customers and the industry.

1. Excel Export. Want to Download the results of your RACT assessment as an Excel Report? Please, see an example of the output here.  Excel Output
2. TransCelerate RACT-Import. If you have already a lot of RACT assessments in your company, now it is not a problem to import them into @RACT.  Excel Based Import
3. Audit Trail.  As CFR 21 Part 11 demands a security-relevant chronological record of all the actions is ready to be downloaded as an Excel report. Be fully prepared for any question of an auditor!  Audit Trail
4. Helping Guide. Are you a new user of @RACT? A helping guide will go with you through the primary path.  @RACT Helping Guide
5. Import of study details from ClinicalTrials.govYour clinical trial is registered in Use the Study ID to import the details fast and efficiently.  Import from ClinicalTrials.Gov
6. Category information. Enjoy observing all the answered questions in one brief table at the end of each category.  @RACT Category Summary

Do you want to try and enjoy the new version of @RACT? Register here.