01.07.2016. Cyntegrity, cloud solution service provider for the efficient Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) for clinical trials, is pleased to announce a release of the newest version of its holistic RBM platform EarlyBird 4.0.

The latest EarlyBird 4.0. provides new additional features which have been developed to respond the customers’ needs:EB 4.0 ScreenShot

  • Full integration with TransCelerate RBM guidelines (@RACT and RACT plus solving the problem of risk-assessment subjectivity)
  • Future predictions for all metrics based on mathematical models, which work with even small amount of data (see Figure 1).
  • Much stronger expert system engine
  • Different levels of metrics (e.g., program, trial, country, site, patient, etc.).
  • Full CRA-team collaboration platform (issue management, root cause analysis, site assessment)
  • Strong admin management interface
  • and much more…

RBM Predictive Analytics

Figure 1. Predictive analytics integrated into Key Performance Indicator in the MyRBQMⓇ Portal.

“This release defines a new standard in empowering of well-established risk management methodology with intelligent cloud technology for the favor of patients and clinical operations,” said Artem Andrianov, Ph.D. Cyntegrity’s CEO.

EarlyBird – Cloud-based Business Analytics Platform for Risk Mitigation and Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM). A systematic risk monitoring framework for clinical trials. Identification of the early risk signals for RBM. System uses reference data from previous clinical trials and identifies sources of major risks and wrong dynamics within Customer’s clinical trial.  To get a free test version, apply at https://cyntegrity.com/risk-based-monitoring/rbm-get-started/

For an official demo, register here: https://cyntegrity.edudip.com/w/195786

Cyntegrity is a leading European RBM company, which offers specialized cloud solutions for the efficient Risk-based Monitoring in clinical trials. Cyntegrity’s mission is to ensure efficient centralized monitoring of clinical trials through data knowledge & risk management technologies. For more information, see about the company.